Blockchain Panel Discussion [EVENT] – LSEAAL Futurism Series


Jay D. Miller has enjoyed a long and varied career introducing technology-based business solutions into a range of businesses from SMEs through to Global Enterprise Organizations. Concurrent to his time as an enlisted flyer in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, his civilian career included a 10-year stint with UPS, introducing logistics, technology, and finance solutions to the UPS client base. Following UPS, Jay joined San Francisco-based startup Maven, a player in the open innovation/knowledge economy. A move to London in 2013 offered the chance to pursue new challenges, and he took the opportunity to join London-based 42iQ, a small startup that offered high-quality Property Marketing Films with ‘Hollywood-style’ CGI’s, as well as Virtual Reality Solutions, to both Commercial and High-End Residential Property Developers. It was during his time at 42iQ that an interest in Blockchain began to develop. Jay is currently working with a number of blockchain-focused startup companies to strategise around client acquisition and revenue generation. Recently, he’s completed the Oxford University FinTech program, of which blockchain was a key focus and has a deep passion for the subject matter and its potential application within a business context.


Anthony Lesoismier – CSO & Co-Founder, Swissborg

With 10 years of expertise gained working in France and the UK for a number of leading players within the financial markets industry, Anthony has been the Chief Strategic Officer and co-founder of SwissBorg since January 2017. Through his experiences in the industry Anthony has developed a key belief: that the traditional “bank” needs to reinvent its model. Anthony and his Swissborg colleagues feel strongly that when it comes to solutions to invest savings, the degree of innovation is low. He is a firm believer that technological advances as well as changes in investor behavior pose great opportunities to implement change in the sector and that the epicenter of the imbalance between the institutions and the end customers lies in the asymmetry of information. In addressing these issues of a lack of transparency and accessibility, Anthony and his team view blockchain technology as a key instrument in addressing this imbalance.

Paul Lindsell – COO, Gimmer 

Paul has 18 years of business development experience, 11 of which at board level. Working in the strategic and operational capacity, Paul has managed the daily operations of businesses, working with multi-disciplined teams spread across many countries and multiple time zones. He is most comfortable working with business stakeholders to define and execute customer experience and business strategies for companies in fast moving sectors. He is very knowledgeable in the FinTech and Blockchain industries, acting as advisor to a number of ICOs, speaking on how to create great brands for Blockchain companies, and leading business development strategies for a diverse range of operations from start ups to established cryptocurrency companies. He personally believes that the truly peer-to-peer nature of Blockchain technology gives consumers the transparency and the trust, that they so desperately need and that the decentralization of data and services will change the way the world does business forever.

Kyle Du Pont – CEO, Ohalo

Kyle Du Pont  is the CEO/Founder of Ohalo (, a company building data governance tools on blockchain. Ohalo is supported by 500 Startups, Plug and Play, and Anthemis Group, where he was previously a Fellow working on blockchain technology. Ohalo is his second company after building a company in the Bitcoin financial crime compliance space from 2013. Recently he has also been leading the tech committee of the 22X Fund (, a token of 30 startup companies. The token aims to lower the hurdles of venture capital investing by decreasing cost and increasing liquidity of limited partners. It is the world’s first blockchain security token ICO that is offered in adherence with regulations in all countries in which it is offered. Before making the jump to building companies, he was fortunate to work in many areas of finance mainly in Asia at companies such as MUFJ Morgan Stanley. He holds a BSci from Georgia Tech and MBA from Waseda University. He lived in Tokyo for 10 years although nowadays he splits his time between London and Tokyo.

Dimitri Verhelst – Co-Founder, Juru

Dimitri Verhelst is the co-founder and head of business development of Juru is a platform that puts the consumer in full control of his digital footprint, by allowing him to manage his personal data and sharing.  The primary focus is easy and sustainable GDPR compliance for corporates and regulated markets. Blockchain technology allows for distributed trust and immutable timestamping of events.

Mandeep Metharu

Mandeep Metharu

Chair at LSEAAL
Mandeep graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Previously, Mandeep co-founded Medbiomarkers, a consultancy helping accelerate early stage medical research, playing a key role in forming and helping fund raise $16.6M for an international Autism Consortium. He now supports promising growth companies and venture funds focused in sectors ranging from life sciences, space and education.
Kenneth Damien

Kenneth Damien

Vice-Chair at LSEAAL
Ken graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Vice-Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Ken is a practising solicitor with a core focus on the technology sector currently working with Axiom, a global leading alternative legal services provider. He previously worked as In-House Counsel at Aveva, a world-leading industrial software provider. Ken has a particular interest in issues of data protection, anti-piracy and cybersecurity as well as policy discussions surrounding the regulation of emerging technologies including AI and blockchain.

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