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Bill Gates: cryptocurrencies have ’caused deaths in a fairly direct way’…

Welcome to Decentralised Disruption, a podcast series about the use and implications of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts in business, the market and wider society.

Today we talk to Anthony Lesoismier and Cyruz Fazel of Swissborg, a cryptocurrency wealth management solution looking to make big waves in the space.

In this Podcast we look at what makes Swissborg unique, the ICO market, the implications of an alternate financial ecosystem (Wikipedia 2.0 – get paid for your contributions!), whether Bill Gates got it wrong (Crypto deaths?).

Cryptocurrency and wealth management – A new emperor in the financial space or old financial problems in new technology clothing?

Listen in for moreā€¦


Mandeep Metharu

Mandeep Metharu

Chair at LSEAAL
Mandeep graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Previously, Mandeep co-founded Medbiomarkers, a consultancy helping accelerate early stage medical research, playing a key role in forming and helping fund raise $16.6M for an international Autism Consortium. He now supports promising growth companies and venture funds focused in sectors ranging from life sciences, space and education.
Kenneth Damien

Kenneth Damien

Vice-Chair at LSEAAL
Ken graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Vice-Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Ken is a practising solicitor with a core focus on the technology sector currently working with Axiom, a global leading alternative legal services provider. He previously worked as In-House Counsel at Aveva, a world-leading industrial software provider. Ken has a particular interest in issues of data protection, anti-piracy and cybersecurity as well as policy discussions surrounding the regulation of emerging technologies including AI and blockchain.

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