LSE LONDON ALUMNI GROUP – Election of new chair, open committee positions & fresh initiatives for 2018

It’s with great pleasure that we wish you a very happy new year in this, our first issue of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL) newsletter. We wish you a very successful 2018 and endeavour to provide you – our fellow LSE alumni living, working and/or frequenting London – with a full calendar of activities, events, resources and networks to help make this your best year yet.

Election of our new Chair and committee positions now open

This November saw the election of a new Chair, Mandeep Metharu, who will take over organisation of the LSEAAL from March 2018. Further details of a working roadmap for his first term can be found here.

Any suggestions for what you’d like to see included in the roadmap and/or if you’re interested in potentially contributing or joining the committee, you can contact Mandeep directly at [email protected].

Sports & AthleticsInterested in getting fitter, training with fellow LSE alumni and/or entering competitions?

The LSEAAL is seeking to organise alumni teams to enter competitions (such as 10ks, marathons, triathlons, adventure races and sport specific challenges) while potentially also training and competing against student societies. LSE already has alum teams in football and rugby which you can learn more about here.

Interested? Email: [email protected] kindly sharing which activities you’d like to participate in and/or potentially help organise.

Volunteering Looking to make a difference in a sustainable and effective manner?

We’re exploring ways to help promote current opportunities at the LSE Volunteer Center while potentially developing other initiatives in collaboration with science institutes (such as Imperial and MIT), social enterprises and charities which may include opportunities ranging from a few hours ad hoc to a few weeks expedition type overseas (e.g. to India and Africa co-organised with alum groups there).

Interested? Email: [email protected] expressing interest and what type of volunteering initiatives you may be interested in.

HobbiesWant to try something new &/or develop an interest with other like minded individuals?

As an example we’re currently in the process of organising a poker evening in February (possibly in collaboration with the LSE Poker student society). Is there a hobby or activity you want to do on a more regular basis and possibly enter competitions as part of a team?

Interested? Email: [email protected] kindly sharing which hobbies you’d like to participate in and/or potentially help organise.

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Mandeep Metharu

Mandeep Metharu

Chair at LSEAAL
Mandeep graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Previously, Mandeep co-founded Medbiomarkers, a consultancy helping accelerate early stage medical research, playing a key role in forming and helping fund raise $16.6M for an international Autism Consortium. He now supports promising growth companies and venture funds focused in sectors ranging from life sciences, space and education.
Kenneth Damien

Kenneth Damien

Vice-Chair at LSEAAL
Ken graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Vice-Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Ken is a practising solicitor with a core focus on the technology sector currently working with Axiom, a global leading alternative legal services provider. He previously worked as In-House Counsel at Aveva, a world-leading industrial software provider. Ken has a particular interest in issues of data protection, anti-piracy and cybersecurity as well as policy discussions surrounding the regulation of emerging technologies including AI and blockchain.

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