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SpaceX, Starlink & the Next Trillion Dollar Economy [PODCAST] – Brian Wang

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Welcome to Colonising Space, a podcast series where we talk to the individuals involved in advancing outer space exploration and the space industry.

In this episode we speak to Brian Wang, a lecturer at the Singularity University and the author of, ranked the #1 “Science News Blog” worldwide. With nearly 1 million readers per month on Nextbigfuture, he has written over 27,000 articles on a variety of topics centred around futurism and emerging technologies.

In this podcast Brian speaks to us about:

  • The benefits of a burgeoning space industry for space tourism, telecommunications and interplanetary solar power;
  • The economics of incentivising and sustaining innovation in space sector and the most important milestones for interplanetary travel and exploration;
  • The benefits of building “cheap and big” and what Tom Hanks’s Castaway can teach us about space travel. 

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DISCLAIMER: This podcast is created by the London School of Economics Alumni Association (London) (“LSEAAL”) and its production is not affiliated with the educational institution, the London School of Economics and Political Science (“LSE”). The content of this podcast remains the opinion(s) of the individual(s) recorded and do not represent the views or opinions of the LSE.

Mandeep Metharu

Mandeep Metharu

Chair at LSEAAL
Mandeep graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Previously, Mandeep co-founded Medbiomarkers, a consultancy helping accelerate early stage medical research, playing a key role in forming and helping fund raise $16.6M for an international Autism Consortium. He now supports promising growth companies and venture funds focused in sectors ranging from life sciences, space and education.
Kenneth Damien

Kenneth Damien

Vice-Chair at LSEAAL
Ken graduated with a law degree (LLB 2010) from the LSE and is presently the Vice-Chair of the LSE Alumni Association London (LSEAAL). Ken is a practising solicitor with a core focus on the technology sector currently working with Axiom, a global leading alternative legal services provider. He previously worked as In-House Counsel at Aveva, a world-leading industrial software provider. Ken has a particular interest in issues of data protection, anti-piracy and cybersecurity as well as policy discussions surrounding the regulation of emerging technologies including AI and blockchain.
Laurence Woods

Laurence Woods

Freelance audio editor and producer with a fast turnaround, professional quality production of any audio file. Advising, editing, composing original intro music and post production of the LSEAAL new series of podcasts. Helping organisations present the highest quality of audio output to their listeners.

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